Safe And Vaults Services

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Safe Opening

Safe & Vault Services offer skilled emergency safe opening, 24 hours a day, across the whole of Ireland.

Emergency Safe Opening

Safe & Vault Services offer emergency safe opening across the entire island of Ireland. We regularly open safes after lost keys, overset time-clocks or faulty locking mechanisms. Make sure you get the best in your time of emergency! Please see our page on Emergency Safe Opening for more general information.

Safe Lock Picking

Safe lock picking involves the use of precision engineered picking tools by highly skilled safe technicians to mechanically manipulate safe locks open. Safe picking is always the best choice as it results in no damage to the lock or safe. Nearly all (>95%) of safe and vault key locks can be picked open. Safe & Vault Services have the most extensive range of the latest safe picks in Ireland, and pick open safe locks as standard. After picking open a safe, the lock is replaced and two new keys are supplied. This is included in all of our quotes.

Safe Drilling

Sometimes a safe cannot be picked and it must be drilled open. This can happen if combination codes are lost or if the safe locking mechanism has developed a fault etc.. All of Safe & Vault Services technicians are equipped with high powered drills and hardened precision drillbits so that if we must drill, we do so with minimum damage to the safe. Safe & Vault Services also has a bank of over 10,000 images of safes to help us choose the most efficient drill points. After opening, all holes are filled with drill-resistant harden pins. Safe & Vault Services has never cut open a safe.

Extra Keys

After picking opening a lock, Safe & Vault Services will alter the lock (so any old keys will not work) and cut two new keys to suit as standard. Almost all safe keys can be cut on site. Extra keys will be charged accordingly.

Aborted Calls

If a call-out is aborted after an engineer has already arrived on site, then there will be a charge at an appropriate rate for the call-out.

Secondary Attempts

Attendance after other engineers have failed to gain entry and where their actions have worsened the situation will result in a charge at a premium rate (double the standard rate).

Safe Repair / Maintenance

Safe & Vault Services repair any faults with safes or vaults. We are experienced in repairing stiff doors and unreliable locks, replacing broken or missing handles and servicing safe deposit drawers.

We also offer maintenance services for any type of safe or vault.

Key Cutting

Safe & Vault Services offer key cutting services for almost every type of safe and vault key. We are equipped with the latest key cutting technology and software and are able to cut most keys on site. We can even cut new copies from old and worn keys

Safe Moving / Disposal

Safe & Vault Services are equipped to move safes. We can move safes to other rooms inside premises as well as between premises.

We also offer a safe disposal service.