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Safe & Vault Services is operated by Hamill & Son Safe Technicians. For over a decade Hamill & Son have been recognised within the industry as one of the top safe engineers in Europe. We are specialists in the non-destructive opening of safe locks such as Fichet, Tann, Systec, Chubb, Kaso, Weirtheim, Dudley, Milner, Chatwood, and others. We are one of the few operating locksmiths in Ireland actually equipped and skilled to pick open safe locks. We can pick open locks with lost keys or damaged keys. We are frequently called on to train safe technicians all over Europe and in the U.S.

In 2005 chief technician Will Hamill was selected from thousands of technicians all over the world by Discovery Channel for its pilot show “Impossible Heists” where he defeated the show’s security system within the challenge time winning the “impossible” challenge.

All our technicians and operational staff are certified by Kaba Mas and S&G Switzerland for all electronic lock types. All our installers are also fully qualified locksmiths. We are Ireland’s proven experts in safe and vault supply, emergency opening and repair, thanks to our decades of experience in high security safes, ATMs, bank vaults, and every safe within homes and businesses.

Amateur safe technicians or unqualified sales people can leave you with big losses when it comes to certified safes and vaults service or insurance requirements. Incorrect specification of a safe can result in a void insurance claim. Many big name companies employ sub-contractors with little real knowledge. Cutting a safe will invalidate it’s certification in most cases. Fitting an uncertified lock has the same result. This is all work for validated experts.

Our Team

Safe & Vault Services has four full time staff.

William Hamill
Director, Chief Technician

William Has Been A Locksmith Since 1994, Gaining Experience Under Several Different Locksmith Companies. He Opened His First Safe In 1996 And Started His Self-Employed Company “Hamill & Son Safe Technicians” In 2000. William Competed Nationally In Boxing In His Late Teens And 20’S And Was Professional In Mixed Martial Arts (Cage-Fighting) For A Number Of Years. If He Is Not At Home With His Wife And 4 Kids, You’ll Find Him In Mount Tallant Boxing Club Where He Is Involved With Youth Coaching With Mick Dowling Or On The Golf Course.

Christopher Murray
Senior Technician

Chris Has Been A Locksmith Since 1998, Gaining Experience Under Several Different Locksmith Companies Before Joining Safe & Vault Services In 2006.

Mark Hamill
Accounts, Webmaster

Mark Studied Chemistry In UCD From 2003 And Received His PhD In 2012. Since 2002 And Throughout College He Handled Hamill & Sons Paperwork Part-Time. After Spending Some Time As A Research Consultant And Travelling Abroad, He Returned To Work Full Time For Safe & Vault Services In 2014. Mark Lives With His Partner Jessi And Their Baby Girl Emily In Harolds Cross, Where They Can Usually Be Found Going For Walks Or Playing Boardgames.

Willie Hamill
Snr Warehouse, Facilities

In His Long Working Life, Willie Hamill Snr Has Been A Milk Man, A Cinema And Nightclub Manager, A Mechanic And A Community Employment Scheme Supervisor. Now He Is Facilities Manager In Safe & Vault Services Warehouse. He Lives In Churchtown With Eileen, His Wife Of 45 Years, Where He Is Known As “Pops” To His 12 Grand Children.